Betty Jean Tennyson
Vital statistics
Name Betty Jean Tennyson
Relations Tennyson Family
Group Affiliation(s) The Plumbers
Species Human
Home World Earth
Gender Female
Further Info
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Betty Jean is a female member of The Plumbers who married fellow Plumber, Gordon Tennyson (brother of the heroic Plumber, Max Tennyson). She is also the mother of Joel Tennyson, who later became a Plumber himself.

In the episode "Big Fat Alien Wedding", her son is engaged to a Sludgepuppy, named Camille Mann (a union which will put an end to a decades long feud between the Sludges and the Plumbers). Both she and her husband are against the wedding at first (due to Camille's being a Sludgepuppy), but later realize they had treated her unfairly & apologize for their behavior, accepting Camille as their daughter-in-law.