This trio of thieves are recurring minor villains. They worked together in the guise of being freak show performers in Zombozo's Traveling Circus of Laughs. As his minions, they would perform to lure in an audience for Zombozo. While Zombozo would feed on the crowd, using the Psyclown, they would go out and strip the town of all its valuables. After Zombozo was beaten by Ben Tennyson, they set out on their own. In "Ghostfreaked Out", they reappeared trying to steal some trophies, but were ruthlessly thwarted by Ghostfreak. While they were hiding, Ghostfreak found them and forcibly became their leader. A little after Ghostfreak was defeated, the Circus Freak Trio were taken to jail. In "Ben 10 vs. The Negative 10", they are all working for the Negative 10 and are partnered with Sublimino during the attack on Fort Knox.

  • Acid Breath: A villain that has acidic breath.
  • Frightwig: The only female member, she has prehensile and superhumanly strong hair.
  • Thumbskull: The super strong member of the Trio.