Vital statistics
Name Fourarms
Ben 10 First "Washington B.C."
Species Tetramand
Home World Khoros
Body Type Humanoid, 12 feet tall
Further Info
Voice Actor Richard McGonagle (Ben 10)

Dee Bradley Baker (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)

See Also Gwen's Fourarms
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Whenever Ben Tennyson needs to smash, throw, or beat up something, Fourarms is the hero of choice. Standing twelve feet tall, this formidable four-armed alien can use his tremendous strength to dish out the punishment, while his armored skin protects him from harm.

Description Edit

Fourarms is approximately twelve feet tall, has well developed muscles, two pairs of four-fingered arms and red skin. The black stubble stripe goes from the bridge of his nose to his neck. A second black stripe goes from his chin to his lower lip, and he has four eyes: a main pair and a smaller pair below them. In the original series, Four Arms wore a white t-shirt with a line going down it, black pants and fingerless gloves. He wore the Omnitrix symbol on his upper left shoulder.

Future Description Edit

Future Fourarms now has a short-sleeved shirt, which moved the Omnitrix symbol to the center of his chest. It also displays jagged spikes on the shoulders and arms along with two sharp fangs on the bottom corners of his mouth. In the future, his black pants completely covers his feet.

Sick Description Edit

When Ben Tennyson is sick, Fourarms experiences the following effects; Fourarms's skin color dulls and he grows hives on his under arms which release an extremely fowl smell. In addition, he has lessened strength.

Four-year Old Description Edit

Even child Tetramands have immense strength. The child form of Fourarms has a bigger head and eyes, but smaller arms.

Ultimate Alien Description Edit

In Ultimate Alien, Fourarms wears gold wrist and ankle bands, he has black underpants that have a gold waistband and two golden sashes going across his chest. He wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Advantages and Abilities Edit

  • Has four arms
  • With four-arms and tremendous strength, he is the strongest among the aliens.
  • He also has extremely thick skin, which acts as his armor.
  • Can create shockwaves by clapping his four hands together once.
  • Can make the ground quake when he hits the ground hard enough
  • Can leap entire city blocks in a single bound.

Disadvantages and Weaknesses Edit

  • Due to his muscle mass and size, he is very clumsy and lacks in speed.
  • His size also prevents him from fitting into small spaces, such as buildings, and from using things designed by smaller species.

Controlling their own strength is also a problem, and much of the damage they cause is often unintentional.

  • Isn't well balanced
  • Weighs a lot so could fall through weak enough spaces
  • Built for power instead of speed, Tetramands are at a disadvantage against faster or smaller opponents.

Gallery Edit

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